Which Style is Best for You?


Microblading is a form of tattoo that mimics the look of natural hair. This is the most natural looking style while still adding shape and definition.

This style is best for normal to dry skin types. 

Microblading works well even if you have no or very little eyebrow hair.

It is not recommended for porous, extremely oily, or mature skin.


Combo brows are microblading with shading. The shading is done with a tattoo machine. This style gives you that “filled in with makeup” look.

The mix of microblading with shading can help create the look of added density if your brow hair grows unevenly.

This style is best for combo to dry skin types. 

Not suitable for porus, extremely oily, or mature skin. 


ombre-powder eyebrowsPowder brows work well regardless of how much natural eyebrow hair you have or don’t have. And will always give you a seamless look.

This style will also hold up best over time and give you a “bolder” look longer.

This style is just machine shading and is suitable for all skin types. 

This works especially well for oily or mature skin.

Still Not Sure? 
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If you’re not sure which style is best for you, book for any of the styles.

There is a 20 minute consultation built into every new client appointment. During that time we will go over shape, color, style, and after-care.

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