What Does My First
Brow Appointment Look Like?

First we will start by taking all your “before” photos. If I don’t do it first…I’ll forget! 🙃


Once we’re done with photos I will then apply a topical lidocaine numbing cream. This numbing works extremely well at numbing the top layer of the skin to insure that the tattooing process is comfortable.

The numbing sits for 20 minutes. This is the time we will use for your consultation. We will discuss shape, style, brow inspiration, your preferences, and after-care. Basically, all the good stuff! This is a great time to ask all the questions you may have. (Read about the different brow styles here)


Mapping. This is when I’ll draw “big, black, scary boxes” on your face! The mapping part is extremely important as this is the framework for the shape of your brows. Although it can be hard to envision, I do encourage you to speak up if you have any questions or concerns about the shape. I want to be sure we are both happy with this new shape and placement before we begin to tattoo.


Once we begin the first pass it’s normal if you do feel a very mild amount of discomfort. Most clients don’t feel anything during this first pass.

After my first pass I then apply an epinephrine numbing gel which numbs deeper into the skin. I will continue to numb you throughout the whole procedure. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort for the remainder of the tattoo procedure. 

JBT - the end-SM

If your brows have been microbladed I will then apply pigment to your brows to ensure all the pretty new hair-strokes stay. This will sit for a few minutes and then be removed. 

As the numbing wears off, it is normal for your brows to feel tender, almost like a light “sunburn” feeling.

After you have seen your beautiful new brows we will take all your “after” photos. Then the process is complete.

Before you leave we will also schedule your 6-12 week touch up appointment.  Brows are a two part procedure. The second session is essential to perfect and layer.

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