Pre-Appointment Care

  • No alcohol 48 hours prior to appointment
  • No coffee the morning of appointment
  • No pain reliever medications 24 hours prior to appointment
  • Don’t pluck/wax 48 hours prior to the appointment
  • Botox must be done 2 weeks prior to your appointment
  • Stop Using retinal/retinol 3 weeks prior to appointment
  • You cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding for ANY type of tattoo


  • With clean hands, gently wash your brows, morning and night with warm water pat them dry with a paper towel and then lightly moisturize with aftercare balm.
  • Repeat 2x daily until brows have fully finished peeling (approximately 10-14 days)
  • Avoid any other moisture, excess sweat, makeup, exfoliation and skincare products
  • Avoid sun, though once your brows have peeled you may wear sunscreen
  • Do not touch or pick at your brows while healing

Gently apply lip care and be sure not to press or rub. Keep lips hydrated at all times. Apply extra before bedtime, bath and immediately after waking up. No spicy foods 24 hours after your tattoo. Other than that you may eat like normal. Swelling is normal and should subside 24-48 within hours. 

I recommend using Aquaphor lip repair for two weeks following your procedure


Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, pools, skin creams, lotions and eyelash curlers for 2 weeks following your procedure.

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